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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 13, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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"studio b." the dow hit the skids at the end of the day. i usually blame cavuto. and then he fires me. >> neil: no one can fire shepard smith. i'm neil cavuto reporting sioux city, iowa. news on a debate that had been slated for a couple weeks after that, we're getting indications from donald trump his participation in his special event is off, donald taking himself out of the debate that would have featured only rick santorum and newt gingrich. that's off. the donald will tell us why it is off. that sets the stage for what will be the last big debate, the one that fox is doing, on thursday, the last major gathering of all these candidates, before they vote
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three weeks from today. can you believe that? three weeks from today. tom bevin joins us now on a day that real clear politics expert is noticing things are -- >> what do you make of the polls? >> we've got a couple of polls that came out in iowa today showing really interesting movement. ron paul is only one point behind newt gingerich. gingrich seems to have -- his support seems to have peaked. he's down slightly. romney's losing altitude and the other candidates, like paul, michele bachmann, rick santorum moving up slightly and rick perry moving up slightly. interesting stuff here taking place three weeks out. >> neil: the -- donald trump's decision which we'll get into later, what do you make of that and the heightened sense of
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urgency? >> well, i think this -- the fox debate on thursday is key now. i didn't think we've seen a lot of candidates step out of the trump debate beforehand. it was a much diminished event so the fox debate is clearly the debate that's going to leave the lasting impression on voters. again we're only ten days away from the race freezing as people go off on their christmas holiday and the new year's holiday then come back with a couple days to vote, so the fox debate takes on another level in terms of these candidates making their closing arguments to iowa voters leaving their final impression. >> the final impression is a nasty one or the candidates will go at each other. what do you make of that? >> i think that might be why we're seeing a little bit of loss of altitude for gingrich
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and romney because they did get after each other. iowa voters don't like to hear and see that kind of thing. all the candidates want to stay positive but the ads out there, i'm sure you've seen them flying fast and furious. ads, positive and negative. ron paul released scathing ads on newt gingerich that i think, again, that kind of sustained pounding over the next couple weeks could in fact alter the outcome in iowa. >> neil: we're seeing -- it's too early to tell but we're seeing indications that newt gingerich -- he still leads, the lead has narrowed but is it a direct result of attack ads? >> it's probably some of that. also gingrich is -- his -- two things. voters are getting more dialed into the process. i was out there and you can tell
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voters are giving candidates a good hard look, paying attention and gingrich's record is under more scrutiny by the other candidates. he defended himself well and will have to do that again. but as the candidates -- as voters take a good hard look, they're going to be making this decision. again, 60% of voters in the last iowa poll are open to changing their minds. that's a huge percentage so the race is fluid. one thing to note, i went back and looked at our average in 2008, there were only two candidates that performed worse than their polls in 2008 in iowa. one was rudy giuliani and the other was mitt romney and that has to concern mitt romney. >> neil: thank you very much. we interrupt the iowa coverage with development in the nation's capital. you may not believe this but there's a possibility of another got shutdown.
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they're not coming to a agreement or close to an agreement on spending. democratic senator joe mansion joins us. he has an idea to avoid the last minute drama but senator, before touting your plan, how likely is that that we could be facing a shutdown? >> i don't think that's going to happen, neil. basically we understand we have a responsibility and we made a lot of adjustments and cut expenses and we'll be fine. so it will come down to drama. this is a drama place, i will tell you that. and that's part of what will happen over this weekend. we hope to get it done by this weekend. we'll see. we're prepared to stay. >> neil: what -- hang up. what is causing the problems? >> basically you have the extension to the payroll extension. unemployment extension. you've got all these things and a third one to be held hostage -- if they're held
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hostage, that's part of the negotiation before we pass a bill to keep the government running. if that's part of it, let's take a vote and move on but we have to have our omnibus bill and run this government. i just hope -- i'm very hopeful that minds -- good minds will prevail. sometimes it wears you out. you have to keep pushing forward. that thing about no labels. you watched that and i love to talk about it because we're looking for solutions. >> neil: all right. part of that solution is to get over the gimmickry that happens at this point on both sides and you've been critical of democrats as well as republicans. give me some ideas to avoid this soap opera. >> i signed a bill today that says if there's no budget, we shouldn't get paid. there has to be something that stimulates people that we know people are hurting in america
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and if they're hurting, we should be hurting too. if we can't get our job done, why should we get paid? i think things like that, no labels has brought to the table, they're common sense solutions so we're looking at that. but it's getting bogged down and we have to quit playing politics and look at the policy. quit worrying about the next election and worry nor more about the next generation. there's 44 or 45 of us in the senate that say we'll sign on and go big and turn it over to the next generation in better condition than we received this. we're willing to do that but we need leadership. we need a president. leaders from democrats and republicans to step up. >> neil: you mentioned the president among those who might not step up. i don't want to put words in your mouth. do you plan to have the president to come to west virginia to campaign for you? you have a tough election fight
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of your own. what are you going to do? >> i've said this. the elections are not a team sport, if he decides to come, he'll come in and do his thing. i'm going to work hard. i'm there every weekend are. >> neil: have you said i would like to have you campaign for me? >> i have not. they'll make their determination on what they'll do. they're more than welcome to come to west virginia. he's the president of all 50 states. he's more than welcome. >> neil: that's a bill deal, you're not asking for him to come. if he comes, that's one thing but you're not asking him. >> we have some differences. he'll have to evaluate those differences. i've been willing to speak out on the differences. we need a budgets. i'm in favor of a balanced budge. i've been a democrat that's worked within a balanced budget. we balanced our state budge, six record years of surplus us.
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this works. i'm in for this these things and having certainty that we can have a climate bill that works and we can use our coal, our gas, our natural oil and renewables. we can do it all. but we're not on the same page. >> neil: we'll watch closely. good seeing you, thank you very much. >> you too, thank you. >> neil: all right. let's say you're one of those c.e.o.s and hire and fire on a whim based not only on how the country is doing but looking. a lot of c.e.o.'s are not happy with this president and this congress. t.j. rogers simply wants washington to get out of the way. he joins us now out of california. t.j., if you had one piece of advice for the politicians trying to win you over, what would it be? >> cut spending. we focus on deficits that are
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important but the main thing is cut spending. they talk about a balanced budget and tough cuts and this and that then look at the programs and look at the lesser of the programs and any c.e.o. in any company would cut. here in california we're building a $46 billion train to nowhere that many other states turned down the federal aid and yet while we're can you get cutting schools we're building a training to between two small cities in the center of the state. it's crazy. >> neil: so you see this debate going on where we might be, as -- you might have heard him say there's a possibility he would like to avoid it. we could be looking at a shutdown, you don't have those options when you are running a company day-to-day. i mean when it comes time to file a budget, report, end of quarter statement, you have to do it. what do you think of the shenanigans on capitol hill? >> we always are amazed that the
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rules that apply to us as individuals and corporations aren't applied. i literally would be put in jail for insider trading yet members of the house and congress are immune from that. they -- if i shut down the company somehow, my shareholders would fire me. it would take the next annual meeting and i would be gone. yet we see this -- it's almost the word buffoonery going on in politics and we wonder why we should send more money to people who behave in this way. >> if you had one wish out of republicans and democrats to compel to you hire, we know about the 1.4 to $1.9 trillion offshore, there's a talk in washington they might consider that but there has to be a quid pro quo. guys like you would have to guarantee you would hire people
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with that money. how do you feel about in a? >> i don't want anything from the government. i don't want them to do me any favors. fy want to hire, i'll hire. i have plenty of money to hire with. i'll hire when i don't think right after i pour concrete and get a bunch of new employees dependent on my company then a stupid law, a carbon tax credit or global warming thing will trash the investment i made. if they want my to hire, create a stable, favorable economic environment for business. we have the highest business taxes, number two in the world and let us do our job. i don't want to deal toeal withe devil. >> neil: all right, t.j. rogers, i think a few of them are listening and watching. the cyprus semiconductor, t.j. rogers joins us, thank you. >> in the meantime, just continuing -- in iowa,
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today, of course, tomorrow, thursday, with the big debate. ahead of that, the likes of jon huntsman, michele bachmann, ron paul, governor perry. all of the hot shots joining us as well as the state's governor. who is he supporting? all that coming up on this show as we continue from sioux city and of course the debate 9:00 p.m. thursday night. with i'll be among the questioners. it should be an event. i took a peek inside the auditorium. it's really impressive. talk about impressive, someone who changed the day's news, donald trump is out of that news max sponsored debate. why is he out. >> we'll talk to him about that. >> then allen west of florida, tea partiers are moving quick and furious to newt gingerich, what is he doing after this?
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welcome back from seuss city. i'm excited for the fox debate, the last big debate before these iowans go to the polls and cast the first votes for campaign 2012. we're seeing newt gingerich doing well in the polls. the latest ones show his lead has narrowed a little bit but he's winning a lot of tea party converts. one of the tea party favorites, allen west joins us from florida. congressman, you said gingrich is a fighter but he carries a
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200-pound ruck sack on his back with all the baggage. less inclined to feel that way, still? >> it's a statement of the obvious when you look at a lot of the attacks he's weathering and -- we know he has that ruck sack on his back but he's in great condition and takes the fight to everyone on the debate stage as well as the media so he's holding his own and the poll numbers reflect that. >> neil: so you would be inclined to support him, not support him, wait? what? >> i'm inclined to try to do my best to take care of the business we have at capitol hill because as your previous guest talked about, there's a lot of buffoonery going on and we have to have adults with common sense here. so i'm not looking at getting engaged in the primary wars or battles. i'm not going to be endorsing anyone because when you think about what we have to deal with
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in our economic situation, our national security which will have potholes next year, there's a lot of things i need to contend with and not worry about picking someone in the primary race. >> neil: there's a division in your party i guess, as well on the democraic side, that mitt romney would be a tougher opponent for the president. it's not a universal view and those views change but what do you make of newt gingerich been an easier fight for the president. >> there are professional strategists that have formulas they go over and no one thought that i would be up here running as a strong conservative out of south florida. we don't know what will happen but the american people have to
4:20 pm
start looking at who will come up with viable solutions to turn around the economic situation in our country and get americans back to work, the most important thing i want to see happen myself. >> neil: quickly, is the government going to shut down next week? >> i don't want to see the government shut down. our colleagues on the other side are refusing to sign the appropriations conference report so they're trying to push that envelope because they don't want to see the package we're going to vote on today. if the democratic party is serious about getting americans back to work, they have to support the keystone project. >> neil: we'll watch. those two are joined at the administrative, legislative hit, payroll extension along with the keystone pipeline. the president said he would veto such an effort. congressman, good seeing you. >> thank you, stay warm out there. >> neil: when we come back, the
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big battle royal between rick perry and mitt romney, the c.e.o. who expanded in texas but isn't looking to the governor of texas. [ mujahid ] there was a little bit of trepidation, not quite knowing what the next phase was going to be, you know, because you been, you know, this is what you had been doing. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids. it's my world. that's my world. ♪
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>> neil: all right. we are in sioux city, aye iowa, doing shows today, tomorrow, thursday the big day itself. people are weighing in on this contest, the debate featuring the major candidates ahead of the caucuses three weeks from today. can you believe that? the guy that runs ck restaurants, hardees, he surprised a lot of people when
4:25 pm
he moved a lot of jobs and expansion out of california into texas at the time when i chatted with him, it looked like rick perry was the reason and the guy. turns out, andy, you're actually supporting mitt romney. am i right on that? >> you're absolutely right. i think mitt's the man with the experience in the private sector to solve the problems we have in this country and we need somebody with that private sector sponsor. rick perry is a great guy, a good governor but doesn't have private sector experience to solve the problems that the previous guest discussed. >> neil: when you announced to governor perry that you were going to expand there and of course the tax environment was favorable, did he ever say to you, boy, this would be great if you endorsed me? >> no, in fact i met with governor perry in january and asked if he was going to run and he told me he wasn't going to
4:26 pm
run. we've never had that discussion. i had people from his campaign contact me but i explained i was committed to mitt. i liked rick perry but i was convinced mitt was the man for the job and i still feel that way. >> neil: you still feel that way on that front? >> newt makes me nervous. due he think what he did at freddie mac, the historian for 1.6 million was the same as what mitt romney did at bane capital? secondly, we need somebody who can win the election. honestly newt gingerich couldn't win the election if the only people who got to vote were people he had been married to. that says something about that. >> neil: let's not -- let's not get mean. you had your doubts as to whether or not newt gingerich could be -- let me ask you this. would you support newt gingerich if he ends up being the republican nominee? >> i really need to hear more
4:27 pm
about what newt has to say about the economy. he's made some comments that concern me with respect to his support for the free enterprise system but i could be persuaded. >> neil: in other words, wait a minute, wait a minute. no, no, what you're saying is that given a choice between obama and gingrich, you're not so sure that you wouldn't support barack obama? >> it would be difficult for me not to support the republican candidate, but like i said, newt has made me nervous and we have a great candidate. every time i see the polls and newt's up, i'm surprised. we have a great candidate that would reduce the regulatory burden and we need that desperately. not another government -- >> neil: from your speculative, we -- we have talked to a number of c.e.o.s, including t.j. rogers and he said what he would like to see out of washington
4:28 pm
was little, if any, interference out of washington. it's different in the food industry but do you concur? what do you want to see or not see? >> it's no different at all. this regulatory labyrinths that's an impediment affects not only the semiconductor but restaurants, grocery stores, everybody. it's become very difficult in america to start a business, to grow a business, hire people and move forward like the free enterprise system should move forward. t.j. mentioned spending, government spending, which needs to be reduced. and just at important, we have to reduce the regulatory burden. the government has to stop trying to micromanage the free enterprise system. >> neil: san francisco, on the minimum wage issue, passed the highest wage at $10 an hour yet
4:29 pm
a lot of jobs go begging in the fast food industry where many restaurants have hourly wage higher than the minimum wage yet the jobs go begging. why is that? >> when you say the jobs go begging, people don't want to fill the job? >> can't fill them no matter how much you pay them. >> if that's true in for example in north dakota where they've got 3.5% unemployment and we have restaurants doing $2 million in business, but in most of the country, particularly california, it's not difficult to -- there's so many people unemployed, our turnover rates are down, we've been able to fill our positions in our restaurants easily. it's something that -- it's a problem i wish i had. if we had it, there would be -- >> neil: that actually is good to hear. all right. at least the jobs are there and people take them up.
4:30 pm
thank you very much. >> thank you. >> when we come back, the donald. did he just create an earthquake? why one of the richest people on the planet might be heading -- he's not ruling out -- running for the toughest job on the planet after this. forty years ago, he wasn't worried about retirement. he'd yet to hear of mutual funds, iras, or annuities. back then, he had something more important to do. he wasn't focused on his future but fortunately, somebody else was. at usaa we provide retirement solutions for our military, veterans and their families. from investments... to life insurance... to health care options. learn more with our free usaa retirement guide. call 877-242-usaa.
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>> neil: leave to to donald trump to had a drama to the
4:34 pm
election season and oomph to the fox debate. it's now looking like the last big presidential debate among all the major candidates since donald trump announced early today, not more than a couple hours ago, that he will not be part of the news max debate featuring newt gingerich and rick santorum. donald trump on the phone with us now. donald, why did you do this? >> the republicans are worried i'm going to run as an independent and i certainly have looked at it. in my new book i disclosed in the financial disclosure my net worth and as settings and others things and i'm looking at it. if the republicans choose the wrong candidate which is possible and if the economy continues to be bad, which i think it will be because we have independent leadership. >> neil: so you're raising the distinct possibility of running as an independent. >> that's right.
4:35 pm
come as soon as the show ends. now you know i have a problem because of equal time. if you have a show on television, especially a big show, you're not allowed to run for political office or you have to give every candidate running two hours on primary time. so they have equal time provisions. because of that i'm not allowed to run now but come may 20th, when the series ends -- >> neil: did someone say on the debate it would not be wise for you to host this thing or did you just decide on your own? >> the head of the republican party said he thinks it's a bad idea for the republicans to show up because trump may run as an independent candidate. and if he does, he shouldn't be hosting a debate of the republicans. i disagree. >> you knew that going in. >> i knew that going in but i don't think the republicans thought about that going in. and frankly, you have newt
4:36 pm
gingerich, who has great courage, and rick santorum, but newt immediately said absolutely i want to be in this debate and we would have done well and gotten great ratings and it would have been a exciting, important debate. >> neil: news max and what it does, have you heard anything? >> yes, i've informed them. it's a news max debate, not a donald trump debate. >> neil: i'm sorry, i wasn't clear. will news max continue to do this with another host? >> i don't think they will. they wanted me to do it and we were getting tremendous -- it's been amazing and you see what's happened since. it's been amazing but the fact is that the head of the republican party said that really, it's inappropriate -- and he said it fairly strongly, and i have a relationship with him -- in fact they had their biggest, most successful fundraiser at my club in washington.
4:37 pm
they said it's inappropriate to do this, having the republicans show up to a debate where donald trump is the moderator if donald trump runs or potentially runs as an independent candidate. >> neil: so you can understand the guys who said no because they thought it was awkward. >> i think it's wrong but i understand it. i would think if you're losing and some are losing by a lot, huntsman and others are getting no traction whatsoever. i would certainly think what do they have to lose? ettes wonderful to say what do you have to lose? we would have had a very big audience but i can understand, if there's a possibility, and there is, that i run as an independent candidate, i can't understand why the head of the republican group would say he really thinks it's inappropriate to be at the debate. i get that. >> neil: now, a lot of people are trying to get a handle on what you're doing here.
4:38 pm
cynically they say he's trying to pump up ratings for the apresenceties. >> the ratings are not a problem, like you, i have no problem. >> neil: you're also a very astute marketer and timing it like this, building drama like this, setting the stage for what could be another trump tease like this, what are you up to? >> there's never been a trump tease. first of all they said i was doing this 12, 10 years ago. this is the only time i ever considered running and when i left, in april, when i announced that i wasn't going to run, i was leading in the polls. the fact is that people are tried of being ripped off by every country in the world that does business with us. it's incredible what's happening with our country. it's in horrible shape. i'm saying if we don't get the right candidate as a republican and put up the right -- >> neil: what's the right candidate, donald? who would you not even consider
4:39 pm
running as an independent. >> i don't want to speak in the negative because hopefully i don't want to do that. >> neil: if newt gingerich is the nominee, would you run as an independent? >> i'm going to announce an endorsement at some time. i won't do that now. i won't speak in the negative. >> neil: newt's the nominee and he accepts -- >> i would say you could say that -- you could say that newt is in great shape, okay? newt would be in good shape much the fact is that i'll be endorsing somebody -- >> neil: not to mitt romney? >> i was disappointed he didn't have the courage or whatever it is to do the debate. this would have been a great debate for him. i like him very much. he's come up to trump tower, we've had great talks and conversations and he was very surprised when he said he wouldn't do the debate. i was very surprised. >> neil: all right. donald trump, always good hearing you, seeing you, be
4:40 pm
well. >> thank you very much. >> donald trump. obviously that lays the landscape clearly, the debate, the final debate, is the fox debate. slated for a couple of days from today. 9:00 p.m. thursday, december 15th. i'll be there with my colleagues, bret baier hosting, chris wallace, megyn kelly and, the last chance for iowans. the donald has stepped back and it's time for everyone in the nation to listen to the candidates on fox and only fox and then decide what they're going to do. we'll have more after this.
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4:44 pm
in fact the weather is nothing lucky the 7 degrees we experienced a few days ago but that's not hopping. it could still. with a we're waiting to hear out of congress is whether they're going to cobble together a measure that extends the payroll tax but also keeps the keystone pipeline on. the president promised a veto of that. >> you don't like these two linked, right, congressman. >> i don't want them linked together. i wish i was in iowa with you. you're going to have fun. the reality is by friday we're going to have a package deal that will have the appropriations and pay taxes done. we're going through a little posturing by but by friday, i want the people watching one of the most watched shows in the country if not the world that congress will come through. >> what is wrong with linking
4:45 pm
them? if the idea is to get payroll tax cut done because it's good for jobs and keystone could provide up to 20,000 jobs, is it to crazy to length the two? the whole idea is jobs, right? >> the whole idea is jobs. there would be no problem with linking anything to any bill except for the matter of the fact you need the president's signature and he issued a forward statement of a veto. that's that he will veto this bill if you merge these unrelated matters together. >> neil: but they're not unrelated. i know what you're saying but are they so unrelated? you think they're unrelated? >> doesn't matter what i think are you think. what matters is if you try to make sure 160 million people don't lose another thousand dollars and have 1500 more in their paycheck, you have to make sure you can pass a bill the president will sign. not a bill that will give you the headline of passing it but
4:46 pm
actually a bill the president will sign. he says you won't sign it if you link unrelated matters together. we could. >> neil: so you -- wait a minute. you would vote against it because you know the president would veto it? >> i'm going vote against it because the president has issued a public -- this happens rarely, a public statement of administration policy that he will veto this bill if the matters are linked. you don't have to guess what he might do. it's like neil, we know when we turn you on, what we're going to get. a fair and balanced view on these issues. the president is giving you his absolute position. he will veto the bill. if you want the tax cuts for 160 million people, you have to forgo linking these two to get. >> neil: what does your gut tell you about whether the president has to postpone the hawaiian
4:47 pm
vacation and all you guys because none of this will get resolved by the end of next week? >> i will bet you mitt romney's $10,000 we'll get this done by friday. the appropriations bill, the tax cut. >> neil: you think it gets done by friday and he leaves for hawaii, all done. >> absolutely done so we can pay attention to what the news out of iowa, as the republicans go through their process of picking a candidate. we want to be able to focus on that, the bowl games, my wife and daughters are already decorating the christmas tree. we're going to get this done. there's just a little more posturing, 24 hours of posturing then we'll get to work. >> neil: finally, the president, when he pitted against any one of these individual candidates, he leads by a point or two. whennettes a generic republican he loses all the time. what do you make of that? >> well, look, i think that the
4:48 pm
election is the -- the president has a extraordinary opportunity to get reelected. 21 consecutive months of private sector job growth. the economy is in a modest growth pattern. history has a way of repeating itself and i think we're heading that direction. >> neil: we'll watch. it's always a pleasure, if you don't talk to you again, merry christmas. >> you should throw your hat in for the republican nomination, take donald or megyn kelly as vp and you could sweep this thing. it's a little fluid. >> neil: that would be colorful. congressman, thank you very much. >> so long. >> neil: all right, the battle right now between newt gingerich and mitt romney over who's more
4:49 pm
of an obnoxious capitalist? could that be right? after this.
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4:52 pm
>> neil: in sioux city, iowa, ahead of the presidential debate, a couple days away, it's one of the more fascinating arguments in the republican party, battling for frontrunner status. newt gingerich and mitt romney, of course mitt romney still not the better of that $10,000 bet saying the governor has a record of taking out a lot of jobs at bane capital and gutting those companies so it's an odd situation. mike lee, republican of utah joins us. senator, this is not the kind of issue i thought republicans would be arguing over. what's going on?
4:53 pm
>> normally not but we have to remember this is an election cycle, a campaign. both candidates are trying to draw a contrast. it's one of the more unpleasant parts of the process but it is what it is and they'll ferret it out. >> neil: do you think it's damaging, whoever gets nominated, these yes -- gentlemen or the ones who have a shot that all of a sudden they sound more like democrats demoaning wealth? >> yeah, well they shouldn't be bemoaning the free enterprise system. i don't think that's their intent. i think their intent is to show they're the more committed candidate to the free enterprise system. i commend them for that and hope we can find a candidate we can get behind and beat president obama next november. >> neil: all right, so you could get behind either of these gentleman?
4:54 pm
>> i'll get behind our republican nominee. >> neil: so you would get behind ron paul. >> absolutely. whether it's newt gingrich, mitt romney or somebody else i intend to get behind him because this president a beatable. he's made unemployment worse and housing worse. our economy is headed in a bad direction under the leadership of this president whose policies undermined the free enterprise system we need to revitalize or stalling economy. >> neil: senator, what do you make of donald trump telling me he's seriously weighing an independent run for president? >> i hope he's joking. and i would severely discourage anyone from raising the idea of an independent third party run. we remember as republicans with a lot of pain what happened in the 1992 presidential election cycle when ross perot did that. it was a bad idea that resulted in eight years of democratic rule in the white house. we can't have that again.
4:55 pm
mr. trump, i hope you're joking. i implore to you make clear that was a joke and you didn't really mean it. >> neil: i got a sense from him, senator, if newt gingerich were the nominee, he wouldn't do that, if mitt romney were the nominee, he just might. >> that makes no sense. if mitt romney is our candidate he and other republicans should get behind him immediately. this is a man who fought to create jobs, understand economics and if he's our nominee i'll be happy to support him and mr. trump should too. he should get off the idea of a third party candidate. we don't need that. we need all the strength we can muster behind our republican nominee to prevent another four years of devastating job losses under president barack obama. >> neil: all right. senator, always good seeing you. thank you very much.
4:56 pm
>> thank you. >> we remind you ben bernanke was talking today saying that a slow as you go recovery is still going. how does that affect the fellas and lady, michele bachmann, when they gather to debate two nights from now? more after this.
4:57 pm
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highly rated term life companies selectquote represents for your best rates. give your family the security it needs at a price you can afford. call this number or go to selectquote dot com. selectquote. we shop. you save. >> neil: all right. welcome, everybody. we're getting some word now about jon corzine and what he knew and when he knew it. the big drama behind m.f. global and the collapse of that concern run by the former new jersey governor and close friend of the president. the auditor with the cme group was told the former mf global chief knew about some of the loans backed by customer accounts and that were made to the european affiliate of the firm. that is a no-no if that was deliberately done. that is a crime if it were deliberately done. but the cme


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